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Anna K. (Brooklyn, NY)

I bought my first property in Palm Coast in 2003. At that time I wanted to try investing in Real Estate and I chose Palm Coast as the city is one of the fastest growing on the East Coast and has great investment potential. I felt confident about investing in Florida Real Estate in Palm Coast because it is considered to be in a location that is not affected by the hurricanes unlike many other coastal cities along the east coast. I did my research and found a realtor that I could trust because of the extensive experience and recommendations from several people who bought properties with Lidiya's help and were happy with the level of attention and expertise that Lidiya provided. My plan was to get a nice lot and build an investment property. I have to admit that my experience in real estate was very limited at the time and I had to trust Lidiya with her local market knowledge when she made recommendations in regards to which home model had the highest selling point and was easiest to rent out or sell at the time. Lidiya helped me with every step of the way. From finding a lot in a great location to getting a mortgage and finding the right house construction company that made my dream investment in Palm Coast a reality in a very reasonable time. Lidiya's expertise and experience made a lasting impression and a few years later I decided to buy another property in Palm Coast. I got in touch with Lidiya and she helped me to find a house that fit all my requirements. This time I was just as happy with the service and help that Lidiya provided along the way. I am very fortunate that I have a broker in Palm Coast that doesn't just want to sell me a house - Lidiya's expertise and knowledge of the industry helped me to make the right financial decisions. I own several properties in Palm Coast and I am very thankful to Lidiya for all the hard work that she does. I would definitely recommend Lidiya to anyone looking for a real estate broker in Palm Coast.

Valery and Larisa N. (New York)

Almost 20 years ago a friend told us about Palm Coast and after a visit we decided to buy a house here. After we moved to Palm Coast, we never looked back. Both of us are retired and staying healthy is important to us. Flagler Hospital, located in Palm Coast is the most advanced hospital we have ever seen, even with our New York experience. The hospital's staff is exceptionally professional, friendly and polite. The weather is pleasant all year round and we have a chance to stay physically active and enjoy the clean environment. We feel safe and very comfortable. Of course we miss NY Lincoln Center and Metropolitan Opera, but we follow all the news on the internet or go to the movies or attend concerts in St Augustine or in Daytona Beach.

Heavy coats and winter shoes are not in our closet anymore. We wish we moved here even sooner! Thank you Lidiya for helping us find our home in Palm Coast.

Roman G. and Oksana P., siblings

We purchased 4 vacant lots with Lidiya's help and built 4 homes on them in 2005 and 2006. She helped us to find a builder, find a mortgage company and monitor the construction, as well as find tenants when homes were ready. All problems, from finding HomeOwners insurance to plumbing or fallen trees she helped to resolve.

Much later, in a few years, we understood the great value of locations chosen with Lidiya's advice. Fortunately, we survived the crisis years of Real Estate and were glad that we did not sell homes when the value of them was "underwater". All these years we rented homes out and paid mortgages. Now, when retirement is approaching, planning to move from New York's apartments to Palm Coast home, will save on not paying State and Local income tax. The positive difference from rental income will be our extra income. It was a smart decision and good advice, we realize it now and appreciate the Realtor's work very much. We have peace of mind and confidence in the future.
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